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Jazz dance is dynamic and powerful. With it´s technical foundations in ballet styled exercies, jazz is danced to popular music and is both very athletic and very graceful.
We teach the GDQ, Global Dance Qualification in Jazz.
There are opportunities for sitting exams or you can just participate in class and sit a dancers assessment which is less dependant on technical ability or you can choose not to sit an exam, but it is encouraged.
As the dancers progress, it proves to be very beneficial to have a goal to work towards in the pursuit of improving dance ability, strength and flexibility and performance.  Rachel will be teaching this syllabus, read her Bio on the teaching team page.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is energetic, bold and very rhythmical. A good place to start for someone who is starting dance as a teenager or adult as the steps do not have a technical requirement, hip hop is all about attitude and being able to use expression through your body movements.

Maya & Rachel will be teaching this genre.  Read her
Bio on the teaching team page. 



Contemporary dance is moving using momentum and solid grounding of your body. This form of dance is very free, allows for a lot of expression and is a full body workout. This is also a good entry level class, as the movements are all done in parallel, not requiring any classical training. 

Manon will be teaching this genre, read her Bio on the 
teaching team page.


Adult Dance Classes

If you love music and movement you will love one of our many adult classes.   The combination of exercise, camaraderie, a few laughs are a winner!  The classes are a friendly environment. where you are encouraged to work from where you are in your dance journey, embrace the challenge and dance for the joy of it and
reap the benefits of the well being that comes with that!
We have adults classes in Jazz Funk and Contemporary/ Lyrical Flow Class with Rachel, and Adult  Tap with Tara!  Check out our Bios on the staff page.


Super Groovers

An easy on the joints but full of fun and vigour dance class designed for senior citizens or those close to it, or those rehabilitating and wanting to be involved but needing to take it easy.
Fun music you will know, a friendly and welcoming environment where we have a few laughs as we dance and socialise.  Rachel has developed this program in Wanaka where it is very popular.  Read her Bio and testimonial from a wanaka super groover in testimonials.  Come along and give it a try!



We are excited to continue to offer the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus at the School.   This is a thorough and structured programme designed to teach Acrobatics in a methodical and safe way, where the students work through progressive levels to achieve their goals.
Excellent for improving strength and flexibility in our dancers.  Macarena and Rachel will be teaching this genre, with the assistance of Louise in the first few weeks of Term 1. 



Ballet is foundational to most dance genres and we have a strong ballet presence at our school, offering RAD ( Royal Academy of Dance) classes with examinations from Pre primary to Vocational levels.
Olivia our ballet teacher comes with professional experience and RAD teaching qualifications, you can read more about her in her Bio on our teaching team page. 


Pre school Dance

For our 3 and 4 yr old dancers we like to create a world of wonder and magic for them to learn to understand movement and their bodies, and how to participate in a dance class.  We have  2 kinds of preschool class on offer, Preschool Ballet where they are introduced to the basics of classical dance, expression and movement.
We also have Preschool dance which is more centred around creative play, rhythm and starting to understand co-ordinated moments.   Both classes are an excellent introduction to the world of dance.  Olivia is teaching the Preschool Ballet and Rachel the preschool dance classes.



We offer open Tap classes in various age groups with the emphasis on rhythm, creativity, musicality, precision and fun!
Tara will be teaching the tap classes from 2021, check out her bio on our teaching team page.


Musical Theatre

We are excited to offer Musical Theatre class in 2 age levels.   A class where you will learn a dance sequence from a musical with the focus being to deliver it while you are acting and being the character and you can sing if you choose to, or just lip sync.  A great class for learning to be more expressive in your dance quality and is a lot of fun to transport yourself into a character.
Rachel & Thea will be teaching these classes, you can read about them on the teaching team page.



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Singing lessons will be available by private lesson appointment in our smaller studio.  Whether you are a true beginner or have some singing ability, a private singing lesson will enable you to gain the feedback and direction you need to continue to improve as you practice in your own time.  Thea will be teaching singing, read her bio on our teaching team page.


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