Thankyou Rachel for being such an awesome dance teacher. You have inspired me from day one and your classes are the highlight of my week. You have not only helped me to get fit but have given me opportunities to develop my dancing and you have always believed in me. The standard of dancers you produce is extremely high and this has been proven in dance exam results, we are all privileged to have you here in Wanaka. YOU ROCK!

Josie Quick


Dance had always been part of my life however my inspiration for dance didn't really get started until the arrival of Rachel in 2001. She offers a safe environment to express and learn and I find every class rewarding. She brings so much energy to a class you can't help but get caught up in it! An accomplished choreographer whose talent, expertise and integrity is an asset to our community. Rachel is truly gifted in her profession and a great role model.

Mary Hewitt


With our up and coming wedding, we wanted to learn a few moves on the dance floor. We contacted Rachel only a month or so out from our big day and she cheerfully took us in as her students.  Rachel first listened to our ideas and preferred music then made a few recommendations and prescribed us with a series of 1 on 1 lessons which were a whole lot of fun!  Rachel's methodical and easy to follow instruction, was easily committed to memory and we were surprised how quickly we picked things up.  She choreographed a dance that so accurately expressed our personality yet was still within our skill and confidence level.  Each week that went by we felt more and more confident with our dance.  Our wedding dance turned out to be an incredibly memorable aspect of our day!  We had a lot of fun with Rachel who's style is easy going, friendly and upbeat. We couldn't recommend her services enough.

Erica Keppel


I started at Dance out loud with no experience or background in dance at all, but have loved every minute I have spent there.  The school is like one big family, and I have met some great friends of all ages, through dancing.  Rachel's enthusiasm is infectious and no matter how tired I felt before a class, her energy just lifts me up and makes me feel alive again!  The routines are always different and so much fun to learn.    It is also a great way of keeping fit, working your mind and socialising at the same time.

Sian Law

Testimonial- Super Groover

I knew about the great work that Dance Out Loud did with people from ages 5 to adult in a variety of genres so was very excited to hear that a group was being set up for more mature dancers. I was one of the original people to get involved and have loved every moment of it. It is the most fun thing I've done which is also good for me! It's a physical workout as well as a brain gym session carried out amidst a lot of laughter. It's totally non-judgemental and you can take the classes as seriously as you wish, or not. It is very satisfying to realise that you're actually remembering steps and following the choreography without having to work over hard at it. We've had the opportunity to perform in end of year shows and to put on a flash mob in the local supermarket. So much fun! One of the most important aspects of the group is the strong friendships which have developed leading to coffee mornings after each class and evenings out enjoying movies, drinks and meals. It's a totally relaxed environment in which to let your hair down and enjoy a really good boogie to awesome music. I can't recommend joining a Super Groovers group highly enough. Love, love, love! 

Sue Baker

Testimonial - Super Groover

Super Groovers 19/01/2021

My name is Rose, I am 68.

I am one of the first group that was the beginning of the ‘Senior Groovers’, over 3 years ago. Some of that group are older than me.
At that time Rachel presented the class as a dance exercise option for over Sixties.
Very quickly, over the first year, the group grew in size and ability, and she could see that age was not a factor in what we could do.
The pace changed under her excellent and caring guidance and we became the ‘Super Groovers’.
Some of us just couldn’t get enough and added days where we could. We loved the fun and had lots of laughs, as we challenged ourselves.
We learnt that our bodies could do so much more than we had expected. A lot of us in that first group still go for our weekly ‘fix’.

After we lost Rachel to Auckland we were lucky that she gave us Nina, who has continued to give us the same wonderful stimulating dancing experience we now crave, under her guidance.

Now , not just a fitness class……….
a dancing group.